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My boss is a saint.

I don't know how she puts up with me.
I say this because she's out today which means... tag... I'm it XD
I feel so bad because I'm working on my work like work and the girl under me asks me a question and I'm all O.O "Can'tYouFigureItOutByYourself?!?!?!?" ::cough:: I mean... ;¬¬

No I'm nice... I answer her as best I can but really in my head I'm grumbling like Johnny Castaway at her. I had to take my lunch all kinds of late today because of the number of "Oh Noes! We needs it now! In ur Machine all kinds of broken! Parts PLX!" orders today.


But I have Mc Donalds so I'm happy... even though they totally shafted me on the Monopoly Pieces... I didn't get any! Lamers...

What else What else... Oh! The Bird Seed I bought Zoey had BUGS in it so I have to go get more stuff today on my way home... Zo has ben eating Carrots the last two Days because of my preoccupation over the weekend... which she dosent seem to mind too terribly much but she was sad as hell when I had to swat her away from the seed I had Just given her like "AUGH! little black beetles!!!! Zo-bird don't eat it!!"

Oh yeah... and I found out from Tina that you really can't visually sex a Cockatiel... Wikipedia lied to me... so Zoey might be a boy but I'm just going to continue to pretend she's a girl because she might get confused if I have to change her name XD

Hopefully she'll be done molting soon, her mood was much improved yesterday although I hear from Quazo she was loud as fuck all day. (Sorry.)

aaaaand my lunch is over ;__;



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Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
I totally used the phrase "CF" on the phone yesterday after you told me what it it was. Most excellent.

And I know in all kinds of ways how that question thing goes. I'm in the middle of a project right now that takes me away from the support emails I'm supposed to answer during the average day (coffcoff) and my co-worker is picking up that slack, but he keeps asking me questions about the more in-depth issues and I'm like "Didn't I explain that one a week ago?" O.o

Niceness is good, but occasionally frustrating.

Zen tonight will be fantastic.
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