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okay so to continue the last post...

Party was awesome, I met Caitlyn who was a new person and plays WoW and so is cool XD
Christal and Joel came along with Alana, Aly, Luke, Brent, SHannon and Quazo (naturally I mean really they were the hosts XD)Betty and someone else who's name escapes me because I have never met them before. Zoey spent the night being totally unharassed by drunks because she was against the wall over by my computer where the monstrosity used to be before we got rid of it ^__^

Luke brought Guitar Hero III which was the game of choice for the night, and I think everyone was playing... strangely enough... on Juan's profile so he'll have lots of points on my 360 now XD
Luke also lent us Halo 3, Bio-Shock, and Dead rising.
I already know I love Halo 3... Bio-shock looks pretty pimp from what I saw of Ben playing it before I went to my parents house last night (by the way Prison Break... screw you for not being on!) ad I haven't seen Dead Rising yet but Quazo tells me it's pretty cool and that he has already killed over 500 Zombies XD

I think I am going to use my free blockbuster rental coupon to rent Viva Pinata this weekend because I really want to play it for real XD

Zo-bird got a bath last night, the right way this time via spray bottle. This involved alot of quiet complaining and shuffling away from the spray bottle but was over all much less traumetizing than her first bath XD there wasn't any screeching at all. So... HOORAY my bird dosent smell like evil anymore!!

I was looking at my deviantart and realizing that almost all of my devart friends have mature content pictures... Now don't get me wrong... I draw those sometimes too but I am all traumetized that I'll post them and people will be like "ZOMG!Pr0n! You is teh ebil!!!" or that my mom will suddenly get the urge to look at my online gallery and be all O.o
But after talking it over with Quazo and him convincing me that I was just overreacting and being a sissy I posted some...
... and immediately kind of regretted it because now on my mini gallery view there are 2 self portraits and 2 Mature content pictures XD it's kind of terrible I need to draw 4 more things and post them so I can shuffle the pr0n off into the depths of my devart gallery.

I'm thinking of looking up more art Meme's so I can draw and post them... I have seen 2 already... Nyu's and the Yaoi one.
Mmmm Art...

also I need to print my portfolio and get it all squared away from my interview on Wednesday next week.

Dexter was awesome this week!!! But Dex, Please don't leave Rita for british chick I will cry!!
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