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Vajujubee =D I got a pair of brand new roller skates SHut up Dr Va JJ!

Oh the reasons Alana Quazo Aly Shannon and I should not be allowed to stray off topic. ::snort::
Luke Made me A smammich I love him forever ^__^
Yes Quazo I lurve you too Mmmm Gnocci... =D

I'm feeling a little random today...

I don't know if I got in or not but the interview people are nice enough, twas not too bad. I stopped by Le Depot and talked to David a bit ^^ came home went online and chatted with Sean XD
He was like "Ho~ly~ shit... look who it is. How the fuck are you?" I laughed new people on the TS server thought I was Randall and that made me laugh harder.
Zoe lost her goddamn mind last night and freaked the fuck out all bitey and clawey so we had an issue and she got put under a washcloth to calm the heck down. Evidently we're all good now tho because by the time Southpark came on She was all "Hi mom... I lurve you... can I come out and play? =D"
Wierd fucking bird.

random random... I have no cohesive thought today...
David might see BIOSHOCK today <3

...I have CHINS: Asia Fresh...
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