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...and then we were like "Just kidding! we weren't really going to murder you!" ...that was great...

So my Obsession for Phoenix Wright continues with the third installment of the game "Trials and Tribulations"
I have to say... Ben was right... Godot is pretty much awesome. I wonder who he is tho... I for some reason am reminded of the cowboy security guard guy from the last game, when Godot threw a cup of coffee at Phoenix I laughed out loud...
Is it wrong that I find the abuse of the main character so amusing?
Admidittly... probebly a little...

I miss Edgeworth... I can't wait until I get to trial 5 and get to play as Edgeworth. I hear in the last trial Phoenix gets shot, or hit by a car, or falls of a cliff or some crap and you get to play as Edgeworth and Gumshoe instead of Phoenix and Maya. ::Excited:: It's against Von Karma 2.0 but somehow I don't see Edgeworth putting up with her whippings.

Hmm... No Zen tonight again. I'm a little disappointed I wont lie. I miss Zen and Thomas but I will use my newly found free time to make more stuff to sell at Acen.
...or to level up Shandris Characters on Warcraft... either way XD

I havent seen my phone in like 2 days so I appologize if anyone has tried to call me... I think it may have disappeared into the Jungle that is under the Futon... Perhaps I'll attempt to clean that when I get home today.
...hmmm... things...

P.S. Dexter you tard... if you keep going out with Lila I swear to god I will stop watching this show...
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