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Zvarri! The truth has once again been elegently revealed to me!

Evidently I had "the brain worms" a few days ago... I was re reading some old posts and I read the one where I was all excited I found an old friend...
first of all it's Mike P. not Mike S.
Secondly it was Myspace not Facebook... the entry has been edited to reflect the actual facts... I don't know where my head was at that day XD

But today my head is clear! I have no cold and I'm working on cup 3 of coffee (and we're not talking sissy cups... we're talking MUGS)
Just call me Prosecutor Godot....
...well not exactly I'm not going to drink 17 cups of coffee... I think I'd die.

Zoey was a sweet bird yesterday... right up until she decided that a mole on my back was food... then there was yelling and fluttering and a bird back in a cage. (which she actually did herself... she will walk back to her cage and get inside when she knows she did something bad XD)

Talked to David last night ^__^ we might be hanging tonight (w00t w00t)
Played Phoenix Wright (natch)
Leveled a Warrior on Moonguard (Dranei...again, Natch) Nick and I were going to be the Japanese words for "Punch it" and "Kick it" but kick it was taken so we are two warriors named To Punch or strike (Genko) and Kill joy (Kyozara?) it's funny XD

I was telling him we should make two rogues named Loot and Pillage XD ::nerd::
Tags: phoenix wright, warcraft, zoey

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