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No Maya... that is S.P.A.R.D.A.

Oh Phoenix Wright... why I ask you... Why?

Ah well... I finished the 3rd Game and now all I have to do is wait for Apollo Justice: Ace Attourney to come out! w00t!

Mmm Gyro's... I love Kristy S. forever for getting me one. ::om nom's::

So I have been thinking of going to HalfPrice books to see if I can pick myself up a copy of "Atlas Shrugged". I was watching Yatzee's review of Bioshock on Zero Punctuation again and his "main bad guy might as well be Showdown with a waistcoat and a copy of Atlas Shrugged" comment made go "Hmm... why have I heard of that...?"
I heard of it because it was a seriously controversial book once, I wiki'd it and went "...oh...oh my god... Bioshock is pretty much this book with a more horror shooter element to it..." and since I think Bioshock is "the shit" it makes me really want to read the book.
I also would like to get my hands on some translated copies of the Phoenix Wright Manga that I didn't know existed... I was cruising for pictures so I could make a Phoenix Wright mood theme for my journal and I came across a character sections called "Manga only Characters" and I went O.o "Manga?"

Aaand from all sides recently I have been getting the ACen talk which is kind of funny really as I don't think it was planned... everyone just went ZOMG the sites up!!! This means I'm going to have to kick my art production up to high gear if I expect to sell anything in Artist Alley this year (lol hey if you are coming to rosemont this year and you see a chick in artist alley selling art dressed like Miles Edgeworth... that's be me XD assuming I am able to rent a table with Quazo that is) I am rooming in the Hotel Convention Center Proper if I can help it... Yosh!

So... Who Wants to Phoenix Wright Cosplay? you know you wanna... Everyone except for Phoenix and Edgeworth are freegame =D


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Nov. 20th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
Please, please, please don't waste your money on anything by Ayn Rand. Buy yourself a nice ball peen hammer and hit yourself over the head with it instead. The effect will be the same and you won't have to plow through Rand's prose.
Nov. 21st, 2007 05:45 am (UTC)
O.o goodness...
lol I havent ever read anything by Ayn Rand before... should I be grateful? XD

...I guess the game was better than the book ;>>
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