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Oh Yeah... and Nicole will think this is funny...

Two nights ago I dont remember what I was dreaming about... all that I know is that I was an heiress and looking for a purse in the... the purse Sam's Club or something... and Brian was with me... except...
::cough:: well first of all Brian was wearing hilighter yellow tinted safety glasses... and then he was pretty much like a him version of Shuichi... he was wearing hot pink pants and a hot pink shirt with a hilighter yellow vest and his hair wad dyed hot pink and he had a pink hat on.
...and he spoke and acted like Wesley from The Princess Bride (which that part is unsuprising because Brian always reminded me of Cary Elweys) and he was evidently some kind of undercover secret angent theif like the Saint.
Oh, did I mention that Brian's outfit in my dream was entirely made of shiney latex? I ask you... What. The. Fuck.

This dream... serisously... what the fuck.

If you know Brian this will be even more... strange... to you.

XD yeah I need to take some anti-crazy pills or something...
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