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Muah... more quizzies ^_^

A child at heart, you aren't really a real child. Therefore, you must be Sakuma Ryuuichi from the series Gravitation. You have your mature moments and your moments of insight, however all the other times, you act like you are five years old. You have probably hung onto all your toys and stuffed animals from childhood and still watch cartoons. Spontaneous, no one knows what to respect from you. This is because you believe life is too short to take it seriously!

What anime kid are you?Test Created By oronoda</font>

Why are you wasting your time here? You could be having sex with . . .

Which Weiß Kreuz guy could you be having sex with?</font>

XDXD okay? Watch out Katie ;>>

Who's Your Inner Koyasu-sama?</font>

Muah hahaha XD the questions are so funny and obvious XD I think my answers were prolly split between what I believe were Touga, Hotohori, and is his name Hanagata? Damn… I used to have this too… yeah… I think its hanagata….

Which Weiß Woman Are You?</font>

Ohhh… but she’s not dead she’s a member of Shreit… I mean…what? ;>> I didn’t give away a weiss secret <<;

Swift, sleek, and stealthy, like
a panther in the night. Rowr!

What's Your Weiß Killin' Style?</font>


Who's Your Inner Florist/Assassin?

but of course ::wink::


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