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The Luna Sea

Guild's up bitches! MSG me in game if you want to join!
Server: Zul`jin
Faction: Alliance
Character: Renthiya
I will be on 2nite! (Mainly to try and get my permissions straight evidently I gave someone access to the vault but not other people... which I find rather funny because of the fact that we dont have a vault yet XD) If I know you or if you rock my in game socks I will promote you to an officer with all the pritty pink frills that come with the title.
The Tabard we are looking at (and by we I mean Shannon and I were camping the tabard vendor last night) Is an emerald Green with a Gold Scale Boarder and Gold Spider Web... we breifly considered making it Salmon pink but then thought the Men-folk would murder us alot.

Tags: warcraft

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