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Well Played Wisconsin... well played...

"...For the good of all of us.... except the ones who are dead..."

The snow is insane XD
It's currently coming down in CLUMPS... that's right... little mini snowballs about 5 inches in diameter...
It took me almost a full Half an hour to run out and get a burger today and if you live in the Waukesha Area and know how far the Kohls plaza is from the movie theatre you'll know how rediculous that is.

Went to the rents house last night, as per usual... but as all of the shows we watch are currently off air because of the (stupid/fucking) writers strike aside from Dexter and Journeyman we ended up watching "Art School Confidential" in the interem XD
It's a good movie.
Journeyman kind of lamed out after they got all dramatic and shot him last week...this week he was using that arm like it was going out of style saying things like "Yeah It's healing good! I feel great, I can't raise my arm above my head tho..." ::raises arm over head in a scene not even 5 minutes later::
Dexter: Zomg.
Seriously... I love Dexter... if you didn't know this by now then I either just met you or you don't pay enough attention and suck XD j/k
I can't wait for the finale next week!!!

I will most likely be on Warcraft tonight... if anyone wants to party with me text me what server you're on because I will most likely be on Dragonblight leveling Rem unless enticed to do otherwise. (Warcraft playing based entirely on wether Thomas comes over tonight or not as I don't know if he is)

Or maybe I'll draw! =D
Tags: dexter, snow, warcraft

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