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You tear your history down, man...

So last night Dave and I nuked Otaku6 and now we're starting over on a nice clean pretty blank slate.
IF you still want to be a contributing part of afformentioned website please to be commenting on this entry and me and Dave will see what we can do about getting you a login.

I am also giving serious thought to creating a new domain specifically to sell stuff as it would cost 118 ish dollars a year as apposed to the 112 some odd dollars e-bay is charging me every two months or whatever because their big bad special deal apperrently only lasted a month then they jacked the fee's up to high heaven on my store.

So... yeah if you have a something you do (be it arts or crafts or whatever) and you are serious about selling it to "da people" and I know you won't be a jerk and bring the rep of my store down (XD) lemme know and again... I'll see what I can do XD

Yeeeesh... other than that I havent been doing alot XD
I warcrafted last night...
...I read the entire synopsis of all of the Avatar book 3 episodes that are out on Wikipedia... so now I would be totally kosher with watching them with you Nick now that I know what's going on and wont be like "But... what happened!!?? these aren't in order! Zuko???"

I might have card club tonight...
Tags: avatar, otaku6, warcraft

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