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Drink Cactus Juice! IT'S THE QUENCHIEST!!!!

::snort:: Ah Avatar I love you...
I love Zuko more but... yeah I won't go into my fangirlishness about Zuko XD I like having friends who don't think I'm a complete freak for wanting babies with an animated bad guy turned good guy. XD (4000 babies!)
By the way... I am SO going to make a Zuko Cosplay for Acen this year...

::cough:: anyway...
Speaking of Acen! Quazo got the confirm for our artist's alley table so if you don't see me walking around in the con... its because I'm chained to the table XD I think after Christmas I'm going to go out a hunting for things to use to expediate our selling abilities. or something.
If I can I want to find cardboard backings and clear plastic sleeves in about 8.5 by 11 in size (9x12 whatever...) I'm thinking a good place to find these would be a comic supplier of some kind as it would be almost the same kind of stuff as archiving material for singular comic book issues.
If the inserts are obscenely expensive or something (which I can't imagine them being really I mean come on... it's cardboard. But you never know.) I know I could always get some hotpress or coldpress board and cut it to size but that would be an obnoxious amount of work.
I also need to try haunting the acen forums in the artist alley catagory so I know about how much art to print to sell so I don't have to lug 800 copies of J-pop singers pictures back to Wisconsin with me when I'm done selling.

I'm so nervous... I mean really how horrible would it be if we go and no one buys ANYTHING from me... I would just be sitting there like
T_T "noooo... my entire life/dream thing.... I sux..."

In other news... more websitey goodness coming soon... as well as my own online store coming soon... ::/shamless self promotion::
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