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Zuko + Mei = Emolove

From Avatar... season 3... and I quote..

::Zuko and Mei having a romantic Seaside sunset picnic::
Mei: "...god... Orange is such an hideous color..."
Zuko: "::chuckle:: You're so beautiful when you hate the world..."
Mei: "I don't hate you..."
Zuko: "...I don't hate you too."

I love Avatar so much... Seriously I don't know what I'm going to do when that series ends... it's one of the few shows thatcan still make me laugh out loud.

Hey... Hey Quazo... that's a sharp outfit... That outfit is so sharp... that it could puncture the hull of an admiral class fire nation warship leaving hundreds of people do drown!... y-you know... because it's so sharp...

Azula trying to flirt is the funniest thing I have evar seen.

Acen registery is up... I shall be doing the registeringz tonight =D
And I shall be arting... art art art...

or I could just be blowing smoke because the instant I sit down at my computer it will be me VS my mighty need to watch the rest of the Avatar episodes I downloaded XD

::fangirls in much the way she used to about things::
Yeah! Boomerang!!!....Awwwww!...Boomeraaaaang!
Tags: acen, avatar, fangirling

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