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Nail! Enjoys frosted Mini Wheats for lunch...

Nick and I played Rockband last night instead of me drawing Portal Fanart (is anyone really suprised here? I mean really?) We unlocked "Epic" by Faith no More... which I was really excited to play until about half way through the song when the never ending "Is it?! What is it?!" became a little less fun than I could have hoped. I had evidently forgotten when I selected the song that it might as well be a song by the Who or Boston for as long as it freaking is.
Speak of which... Fuck you 6 song london hometown set including Suffragate City, Wont get fooled again, Run for the hills, Forplay/Long Time, Orange Crush, and (Don't Fear) The Reaper! you are the longest hour of mine and Nick's life we will never get back EVER >=0

Also, I rap like the small white girl that I am and sound very very sad.

But tonight! I will be at my parents house away from that dang soul devouring Rockband and so I will draw something! Mark my words!
Tags: art, portal, rockband

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