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TAGGED: "Ow! The coffee! It burns!"

Jen Tagged me for randomness...

a. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b. Tag seven people to do the same
c. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

My Seven Things:
1)I tend to play with earrings, necklaces, and rings or rub my right thumb into the palm of my left hand if I'm really amped up, nervous or thinking fast.

2)I absolutely can not fall asleep if there is even the slightest chance that I have not set my alarm correctly. I've tried. I will go so far as to check it 3 times in one night and repeat to myself that it is set and the time is correct and I can hear it fine before sleeping.

3)Only Thomas will get this... but there is a guy at work with Jaimon factor, and he makes me feel so dumb XD (the one from the party)

4)I impusively squack back at Zoey and mimic her mimicing me without even thinking... then realize I'm doing it and feel dumb.

5)I have a rediculously accurate memory for music, I can generally repeat a song back to you after hearing it once or twice.

6)I guess the plots of movies while Im watching them... and am usually right.

7) I haunt Deviant art refreshing my page constantly after uploading art to see if anyone will comment XD ::is critique and/or praise hungery::

I'm uh.. certainly not going to say "Whoever wants to do it do it"
...nope not me... ;>>

In other news "AAAHRG QUEEN OF DIAMONDS PICTURE I HATE YOU!!! You just wait until I get you alone in photoshop... you'll be sorry you suck..."
Tags: art, meme

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