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Ha ha haaaa... Art...

I have no Idea what posessed me to draw that but XD yeah....
...I'm insane, what can I tell you?

So I spent the majority of last night fixing the Queen of Diamonds picture when I wasn't hanging out with David for the first time since forever XD It was really fun... he showed me his Schmexy new Vaio and I showed him rockband... and we talked which was awesome =D
I probebly spent the better part of 3-4 hours fixing/tweaking and otherwise abusing the QoD picture in photoshop and I'm still not entirely sure I like it but I'm going to move on to other face cards and cycle back to it later if it still dosent look up to snuff to me.

::punches Deviantart in the face:: more people need to look at you! 0_\\\

Quazo and I came up with a great Idea of something to make for ACen... it's a damn shame I can't remember what that was tho... ;¬¬

Tonight! If I don't get suprise plans made with me I am going to attempt ot draw the teddy bear picture for my boss... either that or attack Quazo the minute he comes home like "AAAAHHH DO A COLLAB WITH MEEEEEE"
Tags: acen, art, david

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