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SO I feel a little art better XD
I posted the Queen of Hearts last night, along with Izayoi (fanart of a character my DA friend Charmzizle created) for a contest, and a picture of Vampire Alana.
Which by the way proves once again how Art ADD I am.
Lan: "Draw me!"
Me: "Okay!"
Lan: "Can I have a fang like a cat girl?"
Me: "What? you want to be a Vampire? Sure!!"
Lan: "...uh... yeah... okay, that's totally what I said ;;¬¬ "

Yeah I don't know...

Queen of Hearts needs to be edited heavilly as she has arms the thickness of Popeye's at current, and I might play around with the Alana Picture because... well... I just like it so dang much =D

Ha ha ha... Wait until I go up to Alana like:
::shuffle shuffle shuffle:: "Can I sell you at ACen?" =D
Lan: "O_o; What?"
Me: "At ACen... can I sell you? I already asked Writer if I could sell her and she said okay."
Lan: "WHAT??? O_O;;;;"
Me: "._. The pictures of you?"
Lan: "Wh... oh! The pictures... riiight."
Me: " .__. What did you think I ment?"
Lan: ";¬¬ Uh... nothing. Sure."


...yeah, I don't know. My head's at a strange place lately XD
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