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^_^ and u_u

XD I was all excited when I checked Deviantart that someone aside from my immediate friends group added "Bump in the Night" aka Alana as a Vampire to their favorites list... then I went to their page to thank them for the fave and found out they were a Vorg Erotica artist...

It's only thanks to secondlife that I even know what that is at all.
Boo to gross fetishists.

::cough:: anyway... Updated a bit more... got a little perspective last night on just how much it is going to cost to make a deck of cards ::weep:: I'm probebly going to be losing money in that battle but oh well, I want to do it gosh darn it. I bought some Flesh colored Copic Markers... I have decided to slowly replace my prismacolors with Copics as they run dry as Copics can be refilled until... uh... forever XD and Prismacolors can't.

I have to stop at the grocery store on the way home tonight to pick up food for tommorrow and to buy Quazo a new chicken soup because I Ninja'd one of his ;¬¬ ::scuttles away:: So if you think of anything else you need from the store Quazo-man (aside from more Banana Milk because hot damn I'm getting more of that it's freaking delish)text me and I'll grab it!

Tonight I might be posting a partial catalouge of what I will be selling at ACen per a request by Kristy if'n I have the time =D

Uguu Acen....
I need to find a way to make those leg braces because God Damn it I am going as Chell if it kills me! so Help me!
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