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why IS his head so big?!

I was able to draw a couple of things the other night that I liked after I drew the pouty artist block picture XD

I started drawing Yukino and Akira again (remember them?? =D) Don't know why... I guess they're just a couple I like to draw XD I initally was going to draw Elenore and Caine but changed my mind last minute before I drew the faces lol.
I have been reading a lot of romance/love story Manga lately so I blame my sappy couples drawing on that XD
I want to do art trades ;__;

I was so excited when I joined a DA contest lol.

ARGH >_< I'm so in two directions about ACen lately XD on one hand I'm like "Come faster! I want to go to you NOW: but on the other hand I'm all "Oh Jesus! Not yet! I'm not prepared!!!"
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