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Yesterday was made of awesome...

Also either people who like their apartments in Wisconsin are too lazy to rate them online or every complex in all of the Waukesha metro area is a shit hole.
you know... one or the other... XD

::punches the apartment rating site::
Ha ha I almost wish Pebble Valley was on that website... I would write them a review O_\\\

Lots of apartment looking last night... and probebly a good solid 2 hours of laughing so hard that Thomas, I, Shannon and Quazo couldn't breathe.

There are three places we really liked for price and size (ZOMG...) which was cool... now all we have to do is make appointments to go see them... those and there were a few rent to owns on Craigslist that looked pretty nice... So we'll see what we can see =D

Ha ha ha maybe I should walk upstairs and show Eric and Nikki our findings, from what I hear they also hate the PVV with a vengance. (there are three holes in our floor now... I don't know how that happened aside from the building is made of crackers and the water is eroding it away)

Ahhh... in 2-3 paychecks I can finally start planning my costumes in depth... you know... after I pays all the bills and the stuff.

I am feeling rather random and non descriptive today, I wonder why?

Oh! Yesterday at work a generator blew XD it took out everything electrical and we all just kind of sat around waiting for WE Enengies to come fix it ^_^ but they didn't come so we all were sent home.
Computers didn't come back until an hour into my shift today XD


Jan. 30th, 2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
Oh fun! Yeah.. that horrid 50MPH wind last night? Yeah, I had to trek across what seemed like a football field-sized parking lot last night just to throw away some stupid garbage. (God I hate my new job)

But, if you have any room in the new place you'll eventually find, can I move in too? *Needs out of here like WOAH!*

Will pay for lodgings! :D

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