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Okay so this isn't a real post

I know it's completely random and stupid and I should be writing about a hundred other things that are more importain but I don't have the time!

So Instead I'm going to say this!

I don't think I mentioned it but I created Gordon Freeman on Rockband. (Ironically as a singer) and it looks JUST like him XD
It's hilarious...

Also the first time I played as him we got a random set list and the three songs it chose for us were as follows

Suffragate City
Main Offender
Wanted Dead or Alive

I almost died... I'm not even kidding you... I think we totally got a bad score because I couldn't stop laughing when I was supposed to be singing

I still have problems when I'm playing as Gordon because while I'm singing I'll sing sme random line like "I think I'm paranoid, Manipulated..." and I'll start laughing because it's Gordon Freeman singing it.

So. Goddamn. Funny.
Tags: gordon freeman, half-life, rockband

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