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::shakes fist::

Okay so I finally got to work over an Hour late because of the stupid driveway Ice... but at least I got in.
That was total crap >:0

ANYWAY I have been having completely random good Idea's for art today O_o I don't know where they are coming from I'm like ::Quote quote export order order:: "Maybe I should draw Chii like this." ::writes Idea on wrist and goes back to work::

I have been doing that way too often actually... writing stuff on my wrist that is.
This is even more of a reason for me to get one of those pimp phones that can remind you of stuff (for those of you who don't know my phone is like 6 years old XD It dosent even have a camera) Because as it is now no matter how much I scrub my wrists in the shower I can't get the ink stain off... it's ingrained in my skin now from days and days of writing notes on my wrist for myself XD

And it's oh so attractive, let me tell you.
Tags: art, ice, snow

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