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KHS closes for NO MAN 0_\\\

Just kidding... they let us go at 2pm... which was... kind of good I guess?
I'm on call this week so reguardless of where I am physically this week I am at work XD

Driving home was TOTAL ASS... deugh... it was pretty nasty on Springdale but not terrible... Bluemound was okay...
...Silvernail however was a clusterfuck of never been plowed times crosswind from the airport completely whiteing out all but 20 feet in front of your car.
I'm amazed I lived frankly. I couldn't tell where the road was *at all* like not even a hint, so basically I looked at the fences to the left and right of the road and tried to stay approximately in the center of them.
I'm pretty sure I off-roaded it at some point there XD
I'm lucky I only live 10 minutes from where I work, I do not envy those of you who had to brave the freeway.

Some really nice man shovled me out a parking spot when I got home because my car beached in the snow and I couldn't pull in (I love you nameless man!) and Thomas dug me ut this morning (I love you Thomas!) so I was able to only be 20 minutes late to work this morning XD

It took me, no shit, 30 minutes to drive from HWY T (or Grandview) down silvernail to Bluemound... thats like 10 times the amount of time it usually takes to drive that strech of road.
And for no good reason too, just dumb traffic.


Anyway I was Super productive last night and drew Ariel (my BESM Character... not the little Mermaid) twice... once was a family friendly picture the other was... uh... not XD
Sadly the nude one is the one I keep looking at and loving! I was so proud of the shading I did with Copic Markers my marker shading NEVER looks that good.
...and I can never show it to my mother...



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Feb. 7th, 2008 06:11 pm (UTC)
The 2 lane free way yesterday was a beeeyatch. I stayed behind a semi truck doing 35 the whole way from 164 on ramp to hwy 100 exit...I laughed at all the trucks in the "fast lane" trying to go through the snow drifted snow...hahaha me and my slow moving semi got home fine...like 2 hours later...I left at 2:30 yesterday I was kicked out. haha
Feb. 8th, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
XD I wasn't kicked out but it was "strongly encouraged" that I leave at 2 lol
Feb. 7th, 2008 07:56 pm (UTC)
The nude was effing fantastic, too bad you can't share it with your mom lol. I'm glad the storm is over, driving sucked so bad the past two days.

I wruv you too!
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