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::Sigh:: Alas... not a cornucopia of love...

So I'm full of angst because once again, like Sir Bon Jovi, I am misunderstood.

Dinner went well I feel, I talked with Katie, she showed me pictures of her kitty and talked about taking a Korean Culture class... which sounds cool and interesting. I have heared there were less favorable impressions of dinner in other people's journals but whatever I wasn't expecting to see Molly either so it's no suprise she wasn't happy I was there.
Sushi was good, talking was good, and that's all I really care about so =P

Katie and I were exchanging text the next day which was cool, she made me laugh XD

Things I want to do:

The DA Picture Challenge (100 pre-chosen themed pictures) Quazo is currently IP on this... you should go to his DA and be like "Zomg!"

A Painting of John Lennon... I don't know why I just suddenly really really want to do this

More Apartment Hunting... just in general...

Finish at least one mother loving Costume for ACen

Start printing out prints

Edit and upload Zoey's "ORLY?" picture XD
OMG I love that bird.
Tags: angst, art

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