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AHRG masking can suck a big fat cocksickle!

I started my John Lennon painting last night and I remembered exactly how much I hate masking...
Cutting out all the fiddling little bastard bits around his eyes and hairline IN TAPE make me want to shoot myself in the face X0
I know once I actually get to start PAINTING my John Lennon painting instead of dicking around with "Artists Tape" I'll enjoy it so much more... seriously... I love painting... but I LOATHE prep for painting... I seem to forget this fact everytime I go "O`HEY I love painting! I haven't done it in a while... I wonder why!"
I swear it's like I have selective memory.

Normally I wouldn't even bother with Masking the white parts of this painting but I really want the white to look bright and shiney so I don't want to paint it over any other colors that might dull it.

Goddamn this painting had better turn out awesome for all the freaking work it's been so far.

Evidently I'm not as arts and crafts oriented as I would like to lead you to believe XD

::cough: so anyway, work today is kind of kicking my ass >_< XD I want to go home and lay down or eat Qudoba or play Mass Effect even though I know Matriarch Benezia is just going to pwn my ass like she has been every goddamn time I try to beat her and I can't run away because I hadn't saved in FOREVER and the autosave keeps putting me in the room with her.
I miss my Alien Squad... Kaiden and Ashley kind of suck for this battle... especially because I chose the pussy healing tech class for my Commander Sheapard.

I need to be better at shooters XD
Tags: argh, art, mass effect

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