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Death to Matriarch Benezia! ::fist pump:: I am made of WIN!

Sorry... a little over excited that I managed to soundly pwn her my first try when Thomas came over.
I guess Mass Effect had figured that it had humbled me enough to the point that it didn't feel the need to beat my head into the ground in front of Thomas. (who by the way is made completely of win at FPSRPG's... seriously... I don't ever want to play Halo against you. You are a Peasant In Management Position XD)

I made flirty eyes in game with Kaiden instead of the Alien chick... I think I'll go down that road my second time through the game... or maybe I'll watch Thomas do it with his character XD

Random Interjection: I really like the name Kaiden for some reason... (they are pronouncing it in game like Kay-den/Kei-den instead of Ky-den but either way it's neato)

I accepted the 100 picture challenge on DA so we'll see how well I am able to stick to that with my total ADD for art...

You know what Wisconsin Needs?
More Snow. You know I can still see the tops of houses over the 6-8 ft drifts so I just don't think there is enough snow yet. I mean really... there's nothing I like to do more than skid in a barely controlled turn around corners and almost into ditches, so Nature, please... more snow...

Thomas and I have given up on ever going to Zen again until March or April XD

You know what I found out? The reason why the roads have been looking so brown is that Wisconsin has been mixing Beet Juice with the salt to make it go further (because we are evidently running terribly low on salt)
Strange nei?
Tags: art, mass effect, snow

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