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Oh Rockband... you sonovabeach

so I went out to Wendy's to grab lunch for myself and my boss and Reptillia by the Strokes came on the radio.
I'm sitting there listening to the intro and for some reason in my head I am picturing a live performance where right as the main music kicks in the lights go up and the lead singer starts punching the air in a kind of Punk rock style.
Then I brought my Brain to a screeching halt.
was that the music Video for this?... I don't think I have ever seen The Strokes Live... but that dosent seem like a music video they would produce...
SO I think a little harder trying to define the strange music video concert theme in my head more clearly.
and here they zoom in on the singer... and... wait... why do I think he looks an awful lot like Gordon Freema.... oh... Rockband... I'm thinking of playing this song in Rockband...
For real now... that's how you know you play Rockband too much... when you dont actually even see the real singers anymore, all you see is the Character you created for yourself in game who looks freakishly like and is named Gordon Freeman because you're a huge fucking nerd.


I need... to go to a museum or something XD
Do something intellectual outide of the house for a change.

Sweet Butter Jesus.
::shakes head::
Tags: rockband

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