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Argh! I forgot my Lunch ;__;

At least I sill have the biscuits left over from yesterdays lunch.
Mmmm Butter and Sugar you make it so good...

I realized I totally never posted that I finished the John Lennon Painting... well if you frequent my deviant art (and if you love me you will and bump up my pageviews) you already know this but here's the finished product...

I didn't like it at first but it's growing on me.

Acryllic on Canvas btw ^.~

Juan and I ended up going to Umami Moto (the resturant that took over the old Monsoons) and that place... while making your pocketbook cry... will make you so happy with deliciousness...
For real. It's awesome.

Aaaand now Nick and Juan both thing Mass Effect is the bomb (from what I could tell)
Muah haha my evil plan is realized =D

Next weekend is going to be so pimp... I'm going to a Hockey Game AND to Video Games Live...
::so happy::
Tags: art, lunch, mass effect

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