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Mass Effect

Yay I beat Mass Effect last night! =3
I love that game... I'm going to start a new game+ with my female Commander Shepard and go after Liara this time XD
And I'm going to do the sidequests that I kind of said "Meh... fuck it..." to this time XD

I liked the ending to that game... it was a good ending... and as a plus I got to totally fuck over Ambassador Udina which made my night XD

I've been feeling too lazy to draw recently, I blame it on a lingering feeling of "I might be getting a cold or maybe not"
I kind of feel like painting something else tho... I may just paint that self portrait that I put up in my DevArt labled "Somnambulist" I think it would look cool.
I don't think I'm actually getting sick because I don't have a runny nose or anyhting I think it's just my body going "Fuck you!" because my sleep schedual is totally out of whack from this weekend XD

I went over to Juan's on Saturday to chill with him, Dave, Nick and Kory and we watched some Lost Odyssey, a game I kind of want to play but am horribly intimidated by because its 4 FUCKING DISKS long on the *360*
For real now... I think I will die of old age before I am able to finish that game if I ever get it XD
Then we Mass Effect-ed and chilled
A good time was had by all ::nods::

I can't wait to get my tax refund... I want my goddamn new phone XD

...Why am I swearing so much today O_o; I'm not even in a bad mood...
Tags: art, mass effect, phone

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