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Mmmm... I never get tired of Panini's

I don't know why... I have been bringing them for lunch for a while but I havent gotten sick of them yet.
I think I'm pretty tolerant in the ways of not getting sick of food. I worked at Cousins for 4 some odd years and ate it every day XD
it would probebly be better for me if I did get sick of food after eating it for a week... maybe then I would be thinner XD!!!
ANYWHO, I really want to get a tattoo when I get my Tax money... I have been thinking about it and I really want another one.
Depressingly and showing how much of a gamer nerd I am I really want to get the Half-Life Style Lambda as a Tattoo XD.

::Cough:: anyway.

If the universe loves me it will NOT give me any on-call calls this weekend because I forgot we shuffled the weeks around so Cindy wouldn't have to be on call during her Baby Shower. Unfortunately that means I'm on call during the Hockey Game and Video Games Live >.<
Well I think what I will have to end up doing is putting the phone on silent but keeping it in my had the whole time because Goddamn it I am going to those freaking outings! I don't care if I have to sit on the floor in the lobbey for 10 minutes talking to Ontario or somewhere all "Yea yea... your part is coming... now please sir I have a concert to watch!"
j/k I would never talk to a customer like that XD

...I want...
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