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uguu... gonna die....

XD my coffee just kicked in... I was soooo tired.
I stayed up waaaaaay to late last night talking to Partick... mostly about Peeps XD
And no the "Yo homie meet my peeps" kind.. the Marshmallow kind

(Shut up Thomas... I love you but shut up.)

I drew the Rawr Peep as a joke and to my dismay it got 3 favorites in like the first 5-10 minutes after I posted it.
Really? The Peep? People like the peep but not Imogen Heap... ::sigh::

I'm drawing peeps from now on man.... j/k

Todays lunch is the remenants of Le food party from Saturday... I finished off the Pesto Ravioli which I need to ZOMG make again because it's effing fantastic and I can make it in like 5 minutes LOL
I'm so excited when I find something easy and delicious.
...and that could be taken way out of context XD ahrg! Brain get out of the gutter!
My mind is all over the place today because I have to be mature and awesome because I'm training the new girl (who's pretty cool ::nods:: ) so I can't be like "::snort::Bwah ha ha ha E-mails!"
I'm going through withdrawl I think...
Strange person Withdrawl.
I need to be strange! It's the sorce of all my powers!!! Noooooooes!
::cough:: anyway...
I started playing Apollo Justice again now that my DS is charged XD I ran the battery down.

Psst... Hey Patrick... Rawr. =D
Tags: art, lunch, work

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