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::gasp wheeze die::

So I finally caught the plague that's been going around.
I put up a good fight... a good fight indeed... but Sunday I finally succumbed and layed on the couch being a sissy and complaining all day.

I would have liked to have a replay of that stratagy today but givent hat I knew Cindy was going to be out I had to come in today (armed wth copius amounts of DayQuil) because otherwise Geri and Tameka would be alone.
Damn me and my being the only person who knows how to run EDI.

I feel bad but honestly I don't think I am getting anything accomplished today, or at least that's what it feels like.
I only feel like I'm actually doing things when there's paperwork involved lol and most of the "OMG do it now!" things have been e-mail today.

I caught up on New Amsterdam on sunday however... and damn if I dont love that show already... and convineintly it's going to be on Mondays =D
Something to fill the hole in my TV viewing day that Prison Break left when it ended the season!

I have only seen 2 episodes but I kind of love John Amsterdam.

...I need to find the book it was based on =D
Tags: new amsterdam, sick, work

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