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Hrmm... u_u

My dad E-mailed me and Nathan twice last night once was to tell us that Grandpa has gotten worse and my mom thinks that he's slipping away. The second time was to tell us to pack a bag of clothes in case we need them soon... which I'm assuming is a vauge way of saying "Kids, we think your Grandfather is dying. We might have to drive down (or in my brothers case, Fly up) for a funeral relatively soon, so please be ready."
I checked with my Work already and they let me know that I do in fact get Berevement leave for Grandparents, which is at least some comfort to know that I wont get written up for missing work if it comes to that. I don't know who's going to watch Zoey tho, It should be okay as long as it's only a day or two, but if we're there for more than that someone's going to have to change her water and make sure she's not plucking out all of he feathers from being alone... she gets relly neurotic when she's alone. And it's still way to cold outside for me to bring her with.
::sigh:: I don't know.

Last Night:
-I worked on my picture of John Amsterdam again a little bit.
-I got all my Japanese Candy =D
-I saw "Donnie Darko" for the first time (not a bad movie btw)
-Hung out with Nick, Tammy, Kaiya, Shannon, and Quazo ^_^
-Showed Nick "New Amsterdam"

It was a pretty good if somewhat low-key evening... even if I did get an order while on-call.
Tags: art, grandpa, new amsterdam

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