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Extended weekend

So first of all let me say this...
I was on call during my BEREVEMENT LEAVE.
Thaaaats right, my Grandfathers death was apperently too inconvinenet of a time for me to be off for my co-workers, so I got to be on call.

So My Grandpa died at 1AM-ish last Wednesday, Thursday my dad and I drove down to help my mom with his estate (or whatever you would call it) Thursday was mostly spent looking through the house and gathering paperwork (he was actually a totally meticulous record keeper. I never knew that about him) We called credit card companies and cancelled accounts, cancelled his direct withdrawls and stuff for his internet, shredded old bank statements and checks keeping only what we would need to set his affairs in order.
Friday we went thought the house in more depth looking to sort the things we want to keep from the things we should sell, Looking through pictures, created the picture boards for the funeral, disposed of his medications, picked my brother up from the Airport, wiped Grandpa's hard drive of all personal info... stuff like that.
Saturday was the Funeral and Wake, Evan took it really well I feel for being 5. He asked a lot of questions like "A Casket like Dracula?" "Will he have a flag on his casket like Superman when he died?" "He's going to be with Figaro (their old cat) right? SO he'll always be with me." My cousin was suprised he understood and took it so well. He's a smart little kid. My grandpa had a military service and a 21 gun salute (they gave me one of the shells) so it was a nice service.
Sunday was a slightly muted but still present easter (for Evan and Sophia mostly) We ended up ordering a dinner from Boston Market... and it was pretty damn good actually I was surpried.
We finished cleaning Grandpa's house of the immediate things but I think my parents are going down again this weekend to clean more, my brother went back to Texas sunday as well.
Monday I got some more bad news of sorts, but meh... what's a little bad news comparitively?

Monday I was home un packing and getting back into the groove of things, Patrick called and we ended up going out to Dinner and a movie. Which was a very pleasant change of pace from my weekend. We saw Penelope, it was pretty good ^__^ I feel bad tho because I feel like I made him go see a girl movie XD

Tonight is Zen for the first time this YEAR... assuming the weather holds and dosent dump stupid amounts of snow on us again.
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