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The Gnomish Society for the Genius Washuu...

XD inside joke... really it is...

...But wouldn't it be cool Dave? O_\\\

Last night I decided to pay a visit to the EB games while I was waiting for a summoning from Quazo (j/k XD) because I always see it while I drive to the mall and I have never actually been inside. I wanted to see what all was out because I knew some games I really like have either been recently release or are soon going to be.
I ended up picking up SSBB (which I plan to thoroughly abuse tonight after I do some cleaning/packing) and I ran into Al.
You know, I guess I know that he worked at EB Games, I mean I have seen him at the Game Stop down the road, but I still was like "Oh! Oh Hi!"
it was funny because he was all "How can I help.... OH Hi!"
I ended up talking to him for 15 or so minutes after Quazo had texted XD (sorry to make you wait! I'm a horrible roommate lol) I told him I needed to buy a PSP to play Crisis Core, he laughed and said I could borrow his. I don't think he was serious but it was nice of him to offer lol. He's a cool guy ^_^

He told me I should call Molly sometime and we should all hang out, to which I smiled politely. Evidently he is unaware that his Girlfriend dosen't like me and was rather vocal to that effect in her Livejournal. Still, it was a nice thought ^^;

Arathor and Ghostlands were not accepting new Characters last night so Dave and I ended up making some Gnomes on Moonguard and a stabbing good time was had by all ^.^

I think I'll draw tonight... I'm feeling inspired.
Tags: art, ssbb, warcraft

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