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fu-hu-hu-huck me

So apperrently I have been chosen to be the "new voice" of KHS. I get to go over to a conference room today and record all of the automated help line and automated operator messages.
Flattering yes? Evidently I have a bright and cheerful phone demenor that is desirable.
I'd be excited to do it... if I didn't have a mountain sized clusterfuck of paperwork sitting on my desk and waiting to be processed.

Allow me to explain.

one of my co-workers has been reassigned to do exclusivly nothing that will benefit me in any way. She has been replaced with a new employee, who while being very awesome, is
That is to say I cant exactly be like "O Hai! Do lots of complicated shit I never got a chance to teach you... K THX Bai!" and now I'm doing all of my Bosses work too while she's on Maternity Leave and I never got taught how to do half the stuff because the day we had set aside for her to teach me was the day she went into Labor XD

Basically I'm in for a long 8 weeks LOL

Last night I made it past Acer and went to Jeruselem for what may or may not be my final assigned assassination as Althier (are there 3 kills as him or 6?) but basically I'm feeling pretty pimp because I have got sword fighting in that game down to a science. I love that game with all my evil little heart.

I'm going to make an Assassins Creed spoof comic I think. I mentioned it to Thomas earlier XD
Tags: assassins creed, charlie foxtrot, work

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