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You can have it all... my empire of dirt...

Okay today I really am being Emo. ^_~

So today my current boss comes up to me and pretty much tells me "You're not doing your job... do your job... more... better..."
Essentially he said that Dean said that I'm not doing shit anymore and that I need to re-prioritize because how I'm working right now is unacceptable.
HOWEVER, I know how the grapvine works around here so I'm resonably sure someone asked Dean "Hey, there's a lot of boxes over there." and he responded "Oh, yeah those are waiting for paperwork."
Which over the course of people talking to people around here blossomed into "Megan's a lazy fucktard."

Ha ha ha it's times like these that my self-sabotaging instincts want me to ACTUALLY start slacking off and stop busting my ass just he'll go "Oh shit, she really was working."

But... that wouldn't be beneficial to anyone so I'll just appologize and smile and somehow try to "work harder"

There's more to that rant but I don't think I can spare the time neccessary to write it right now ^^;

Charms are coming along well.

Might get a new phone tonight, will be chilling with my dad ^__^
Tags: acen, argh, phone, work

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