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This entry would have been a lot more rant-ey if I had not just eaten the remainder of my delicious breaded eggplant from last nights dinner.
Eggplant makes me happy.

Today the server is moving like Molasses in WINTER it's fucking rediculous. it takes at least 3 minutes to do ANYTHING... literally. It's infuriating, especially given that we had an antiprodictive "Productivity meeting" this morning to discuss why I can't get every known thing in my department done with only one person to help me. (Really now... I mean geez. Why aren't I a hindu god with 6 arms so I could get everything done? All I have to do is grow them... why don't I?!?)
I admit, I am getting more than a little fed up with the overly complicated and way to high expectation.
I also wasn't exactly jumping up and down in my chair when "Sakurako 2.0" decided to just be a total jerk. The boss told her she would probebly have to learn how to do some of the stuff I do so she could help me out. She said "wh-what? But we'll be doing everything then. We'll end up doing everything!"
...because you know me... I just sit at my desk and file my nails all while absently staring off into space... it's not like I do anything with my work day or anything.
God I wanted to just call her out right there... but no... that's hostile... that wont get me anywhere.

But god do I want it.

ANYWAY in other non-work related news.
-Friday I saw Forbidden Kingdom with KT and K-dub, that... is a strange, strange movie.
-Spent Saturday cleaning until Lan, Shannon, Quazo and Heidi came over.
-Sunday went shopping for glasses with my mom then spent the remainder of the daylight hours packing up my room and some of the living room... then tried my hand at drawing the characters Lan created for the Comic Collab. =D
You can see them at my Deviant art if you so desire. =D

Tonight is Laundry~


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Apr. 21st, 2008 06:45 pm (UTC)
Sakurako 2.0 freakin' cracked me up. I think I snorted at work...thank gawd nobody was around to hear that.

Still...want me to take her out? I have pent up Acen rage at this present moment...I swear it'll be quick and painless she won't know what's coming!
Apr. 22nd, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
Aww... does it have to be quick and painless? Can't it be slow and agonizing?
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