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Ha haaaaa.... nerd.

::Dies a little on the inside:: Oh god I'm going to be so freaking tired tommorrow...

I am attending the midnight showing of Iron Man tonight at the Majestic with Patrick, Tony, Lauren, Ben Soto (I don't know why I feel the need to say his whole name everytime I talk about him), and Tony's as of yet un-named girlfriend. I don't know if Paul is going to be there or not... last time I talked to Tony it sounded like they wern't talking a whole lot. I'm excited because I haven't seen the Suncoast crew in... god what has it been 2 years? 3 years?
Ha haaa... I'm a bad friend ^.^;;;

I think we're probebly going to get there stupidly early so we can wait in line for 3 hours and get good seats XD. I'll probebly save Patrick a seat tho, I don't want to force him to wait in line forever XD

...I'm also going to see it tommorrow with a different group of friends... because I'm an Ironman Nerd like that...

Last night I finally saw Spiderman 3 (Emo-Parker! ZOMG Emo-Parker!) and I also picked up Knocked up, Hot Fuzz, and The Number 23.
Gotta love Blockbuster and their 4 for $20 deals.

Our apartment is starting to look like an Honest to god apartment more and more with the decrease in boxes... I'll work on it tonight too because I really... really... REALLY want to have a livable looking place by this weekend.
Also... If I don't get rid of some of the boxes in my room Lan isn't going to have any space for her airmatress this weekend.

14 days till ACen.
::freaks out::
Tags: acen, apartment, iron man

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