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I finally fixed my computer, nice to know the move isn't going to claim two lives ^_^;;

So now ask me what I did once my computer started working...
...Did I make a test CD of the music for the company picnic?
...Did I transfer my art to my back up hard drive?
...Did I line up the prints I wanted to do for ACen?
...Or did I go on E-bay to try to find a replica of Tony Stark's Miniturized ARC Reactor to waste my money on?

I'll give you three guesses XD
Yeah... yeah I should really be put out of my misery XD I'm a hopelessly retarded fangirl.
(by the way, guess who's plotting a trip to American Science and Surplus to build her own Arc reactor? Yeah... that'd be me. If I get all the parts to make a convincing looking one I'll post pictures on DEVArt)

So I have another picture planned but because I'm kind of retarded about anatomy VS strange light sources I'm going to force Shannon and Quazo to pose for a picture XD (if they wont kill/hate me for it, it can be my Birthday Present! Pweese? ::big shiney eyes:: It's nothing dirty or anything!... I love you?)

I'm also going insane because I keep thinking I hear Zoe... which is impossible with her being dead and all... but like the blinds rustle in the breeze and it sounds like her pacing in the bottom of her cage, or I'll swear I heard her chirp but... yeah.
Just going completely off my nut, don't mind me.

I want to make more charms but I know that would just be a stupid and rediculous Idea because I highly doubt we will sell all the ones we have now given that there are well over 100.
I am so freaking out about ACen, my costume still needs adjustments and I don't have a wig or persecom ears ::weep:: I'm going to make a pretty lousy Chii at this rate ;__;

Quazo and I finally got food last night so we wont starve to death anymore (hooray!)

By the way?
Fuji Apples are the shit.
Tags: acen, cosplay, iron man, zoey

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