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Lately, and largly thanks to Quita showing me "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged series", I have had an increasing urge to seek out the shows that got me into Anime way back in the day.
...you know, back when there wasn't a Japanese culture overload and anime wasn't cool XD
Your "Lens Man", Area 88, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, DBZ, and yes... even Pokemon... but what I want to find are the uncut Japanese versions of these series... especially Sailor Moon.
I guess I have always known that probebly 70% of the english dubs change all of the characters to be stupider to appeal to the American audiences (although I don't know why because most people I know who watch anime go "...wtf?" at the english dub on most series) so lately I have been going "you know... I know that now... but I don't think I knew any better back then... I wonder if Serena/Usagi is really just a typical Japanese school girl and not a total moron as they portray her in much of the american series. I seem to recall her being alot cooler in the Manga..."

I think e-bay is about to be reeeeeally happy with me...
... but... not before I procure my Dollfie.
I have already picked him out... now all I need are the funds ::evil smirk:: Mmmm Dollfie...

...Also I think I'll have a crack at a new TV before then as well...

But on a completely unrelated note I started character tests for the game! First round of test pics up in the DevArt! =D


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