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Aaaaand, I'm still sick...

I've been sick since Monday and it blows.

On the upside I finally picked up a copy of Bioshock so that I can obsessively try to get all of the achievements like Woah. I initially borrowed it from Luke and beat it with the "good ending" but it made me sad when I had to give it back to hm... mostly because it's the best game evar (lol)

I finally saw Brokeback Mountain, which I had initially avoided because of all the bad reviews it got from everyone I know who had sceen it, but it was only $3 at CD Max so I thought "eh, what the hell..." and picked it up.
I liked it.
Maybe I'm just some horrible person who likes seeing tragic love stories or watching people suffer or something but some of my favorite movies are the ones where people just almost make it but fall a little short (i.e. City of Angels). Dunno why, maybe I'm just evil... lol

But this makes two movies now that I can think of that David and I have severely differed in opinion on, he's going to stop taking my advice on what movies are good pretty soon XD

I have to get my car emissions tested today becauce if I don't it will soon be illegal to drive XD They sent the notice that it needed to be tested to my parents house instead of mine so... yeah... it didn't get done XD

I'm going to Chicago Pridefest this weekend with Stormy, evidently it's the best fest of it's kind in the area... I wont have any basis for comparison but I'm sure it will "rawk!"
We might stop by Mitsuwa's on our way in...
...Mmmm Japanese Snack food...

You know? I don't think I mentioned this... but Stormy has... no joke... the cutest cat I have ever seen in my life. She torpedoes you for attention and I can't *not* touch her XD


Jun. 27th, 2008 06:35 pm (UTC)
Your car will be fine. If my piece of shit car can pass emmissions in the middle of winter, then they should be able to just look at your car and be like, "You're fine, here's your new sticker."

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