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LOL weather...

So today hell rained down from the skies... for no good reason XD it was like ::niceniceniceDEATHnicenice::

The power went down at work until about 5 minutes before my lunch break today (worked out rather nicely for me actually XD ) So I spent the better part of the morning humming, talking, spinning in my chair, and drawing a random self portrait in pen (that I hope I remember to upload when I get home...)
Our phones are still a bit mucked up but s'okay ^.^

4th of July I had a cookout with the parents, we went to see Hancock which is a Pretty good movie, not as good as Iron Man... but what is (j/k XD)
Dave came over and we talked about an "Ah! Megami-sama!" RPG idea

Saturday we were going to go to summerfest but then realized that all of us didn't really want to go... so we went to Goerke's corners and sold Jen's tickets and went out to eat at Thunderbay Grille instead and then went to see Wall-e (the second time for me) which is a painfully cute movie that I totally love =D
Kory and Nick joined us (us being Juan Dave and Jen) later and we had a cook out and played some rockband. I was excited for the rockband because we havent been able to find it since we movies and Kory brought his over so I was all "ZOMG rockband!"

Sunday Jen Juan and I went out to eat at Famous Daves (which I enjoyed even tho I'm not a real big fan of BBQ) then we stopped at B&N where Jen bought me the second Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo (despite it being her birthday XD) and we ended up having a good time brainstorming for ACen next year while swimming in Juan's pool and finished the night out by watching the Island.

It was a good and FULL weekend =D
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