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Let's put a SMILE on that face... 8D

Okay real update this time.

Holy fucking shit that move was fantastic! Amusingly the only thing that I was kind of even a little "meh" about was Christian Bale's "Batman voice"
I dunno I think the over gravelly deep voice detracts from the emotion quality of some scenes...
Fucking A tho... Two Face was SCARY. Scary like holy fuck WOAH scary. The side of his face that was all burnt reminded me of a Marvel villian... I have no Idea what his name was... he may not even be a villian. I wasnt to say it was like "Red skull" or something... needless to say it was fucking freaky. it looked like half of his face was a zombie. The first time he started yelling at the commish I was like O_O "Dah!"
Aaron Eckhart was awesome, I love him even more now. I mean don't get me wrong I loved him before... but I had only ever seen him play the lead in comedies or romantic comedies so to see him be a murdering psychopath totally gave me 10x more respect for his flexibility as an actor.
He's fucking scary when he yells too... I mean he could out creepyvoice the Batman if he tried.

Heath Ledger... oh. my. god. I kept reminding myself that I was watching Heath Ledger but he's so totally the opposite of every roll I have EVER seen him in. It was fucking brilliant. He was the coolest, scariest joker I have EVER seen. He made the joker dangerous, witty, and genuinely scary. I can not say enough good things about his casting in this movie, I know I scoffed at first and whined that I didin't think he was right for the part but sweet Jesus.
Sweet Butter Jesus even.

Go see this movie... no joke.
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