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End of Avatar.

I won't tell ya spoilers (unless you call me on my cell... then I will fangirl until the end of TIME about Avatar... and Batman but that's besides the point.)

All I'm gonna say is I love Zuko.
I love him always and forever XD
If I still have this haircut in May when ACen rolls around again, I am cosplaying Zuko dammit.

I was pleased with that ending... Very, very pleased.

And if Nick hasn't seen it he needs to come over to my house ASAP to have a Book of Fire marathon because I torrented all the episodes as they came out XD.
I'm still going to buy the Box set when it comes out but UNTIL mid september my torrents are all I have XD

Amusingly, Avatar was one of the first things I transferred off of my dead hard drive so book 3 is safe XD

They have to be having a special right? I mean I know this was supposed to be the end of the series but they have to have a little extra or something. I mean you can't just have Zuko demand to know where his mother is from Ozai and not show her or tell anything.
Something's up I tells ya.

::cough:: anyway... I'm done now XD



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Jul. 21st, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
Well, given how successful Avatar has been, the producers would have to be idiots not to leave a little idea for a sequel series in there somewhere.

Mind you, now that Aang has embraced his Avatar self, he'd probably not be the main protagonist. I'm betting on Zuko going on a quest, dragging his uncle from his tea shop to run things while he's out. Of course that idea could get out of hand quick. The firelord may be effectively neutered, but Crazy Sister is alive and more bonkers than ever.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
Ooooh don't tease me. I would be glued to my set if there was an "Avatar: The Fire Lord" or something like that.

I would watch that spin off until the dvd's caught fire (j/k I'm not that rabid)

Seriously tho I hope they at least have little hour long tv events or something to continue the series...
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