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Oh, New Amsterdam...

I am so sad that it got cancelled ;__;
I mean I know this is old news but I just found it for sale (and bought it) on iTunes. Jen Dave and I watched it all this weekend (pretty much in one day) and we all agreed it was unfairly cancelled (and I say agreed, but by that I mean everyone was yelling "GOD DAMNIT! Why did this have to be cancelled?!?")

It was seriously one of my favorite shows, there's nothig I don't like about it aside from the fact it was cancelled mid season because FOX is a retard.
I really want to see if the scripts for the remaining unaired 7 episodes of the first season are online somewhere, I have a great need to find out if John Amsterdam ever gets his elusive mortality and true love.

Reguardless, if anyone wants to know what I'm so insane over I have it all on My iPod now and can play it on the TV and force you to LOVE IT. O.o

Also I was right XD the three songs I didn't know were from the Decemberists and Deathcab (well I was kind of correct I said Postal Service and it was Death Cab... but whatever... same dif.)

I've been cranking out charms again and cleaning the apartment so we can feel like fashionable high-class people with a nice apartment (j/k) But I still have yet to find The Orange Box or Assassins Creed so I'm a little sad ;__;


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Aug. 4th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
Haha, new show! I will avoid it! Because I don't want to have another "I saw like 2 episodes" show! *laughs*

In other news, I'm up to Lvl 23, and may hit 25 tonight. Sweet!
Aug. 4th, 2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
LOL ah, but you see... it only aired 8 episodes so we could watch the majority of it in one sitting ^.~

Then you can be full of angst and hate for FOX network for cancelling it like the rest of us XD
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