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I was up until 1 am or so last night because of the prison break season premire.

Augh... those sons of bitches XD
In the words of Brokeback Mountain, I wish I knew how to quit this series XD
I just want Michael to have a happy ending when this series is finally done... or like... have 3 or 4 episodes where he isn't agonizing over everyone elses cockbaggery. Have like a little mini episode where he just gets to sleep in and have Breakfast in bed with Sarah or something instead of me staring at the screen all ;A; because evident he has a freaking BRAIN TUMOR now or something.

So... Season Premier...

-OMG WTF did T-bag just EAT a bitch? AUGH! Would someone please kill this motherfucker already?
-Yaaaaay! Sarah's not dead!! 8D Michael can stop being emo-Parker now!
-Boo... Alex's family... T_T
- ...okay, I must have missed somethng. I need to buy the season 3 box set and watch it again because I can not for the life of me remember why Sucre is travelling with Bellick. it wrong that I'm kind of glad they seperated LJ and Link? I got a little pissed with LJ the last few seasons.
-Why do I feel like I have seen Agent Self before?
-I kind of wish they had killed off Gretchen instead of Whistler...

I played warcraft this weekend... alot... I wont lie XD I managed to level a Hunter on Moonguard from 1 to 13 in one night... ::has no life::

Cleaned the house, met Quazo's mom, hung out with Nick/Dave/Juan and saw The Dark Knight again. This time with my parents :D
Tags: prison break, warcraft

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