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Laz and the Twins XD Tiesta and Serra look suspitiously alike

Laz and Tiesta resting in the Inn at Ghostlands
Not much in way of beds...

Faelar's first Tame

The final Boss at Wailing caverns... one really fucking pissed off tree.

I finally made my way up to the Shrine of the Wallen warrior, it's really kind of pretty

My mom told me today that that little bump on Sydney's back that I found a couple of days ago was not in fact a mosquito bite, it's a Malignant tumor.
My sweet little puppy has cancer.
My mom is taking her in tommorrow to have blood work done to see what stage it's in and what we can do be it simple removal or chemo. Her surgery is schedualed for Wednesday, I can only hope and pray for the best. She's the sweetest dog we've ever had.
Tags: cancer, sydney, warcraft

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