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Aww! We so sorry, we misdiagnosed... D8

We were beginning to get concerned because the results of Syd's biopsy and blood work were supposed to be back on Friday but we has still heard hide nor hair from the Vet on Sunday. Come Monday we find out they took so long because they wanted to be extra sure. I guess their previous diagnosis was false, Syd's tumor was benign (woo!).
So as soon as her cut heals up she can be a happy healthy puppy again...
... not to say she hasn't been running around like she dosent have a hole in her back this whole time anyway...

Trueblood was good, as was Sarah Conner Chronicals (yes yes... Gleau-bot is starting to win me over...) and of course... Prison Break.
I also watched Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer with my dad, which is a show I tend to watch cautiously because honestly, I dont need to see the man eat raw sheep brain. That's just gross. But this time he was in Thailand and all the bizarre foods weren't so bad. The worst thing he showed was how they make fish oil, and the awesome-est thing was when they showed how Cashews are harvested. I for one had no Idea that Cashews grow on the bottom of a "Cashew Apple" and that the apple is prized for its healthy sweet juice. The reason I have never heard of a Cashew apple is that apperrently the rot really fast so it's impossible to export them but they're evidently hella good for you and taste like a combo of Apple, Plum and Ginger juice. Also I found out why Cashews aren't sold in shells. Evidently there's a highly caustic oil inbetween the shells and the nut so they shell them before selling them.
Also the reason why Cashews are so expensive is that they're psychotically labor intensive to harvest.

Well... that was probebly more than you ever wanted to know about Cashews XD
Sorry, I'm a random facts nerd.



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Sep. 17th, 2008 03:26 am (UTC)
Whoa...your entry totally made me want to hop on a plane and fly to Thailand and see this so called "cashew apple".

I almost want to say you have too much time on your hands to know THAT much about cashews...but just think of the awesomeness if you got stopped and asked abou cashews on the street for like a million dollars! ha ha

I'm glad to hear Syd is okay and it's nothing serious. You should tell your vet they are retards for not letting you know sooner or at least calling and saying...we are still checking to make sure...just an fyi.
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