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I registered for ACen last night when I hopped off of WoW because I realized "Oh shit! Tier 1 registration ends today!" so yes... now I am registered for a convention that's not for another 7 months XD

funny story if you don't have a twitter and so didn't see it alrady... last night as I was leaving my parents I heard Syd get a furball or something and coughed. Then I hear my dad go "Uh oh, sounds like somebody's got a case of the Horkies."

I swear to god... if I had been drinking something I would have spit it everywhere. XD
Ah Dad, you and you're crazy made up terms... I love ya.

-Dexter was awesome. Michael C. Hall, I love you as always. I'm really looking forward to some suprises given how far the series is deviating from the books (and suprisingly not in a bad way)

-Trueblood was also fantastic... They introduced Eric... who according to Wikipedia is the baddest Badass of them all, I kind of like him already X3. Bill made a cop pee his pants, which was odd, and Sookie's brother was a fucking Idiot... Natch. I want to read the books so bad ;__; damn you Barnes and Noble for being out of stock!

-Heroes was pretty cool... I enjoyed the focus on Noah but I'm not entirely sure I like where they're taking Claire... also I could have done with a little Mohinder in that episode. I am a little curious as to why Parkman had Issac's power all of the sudden, unless he's chanelling the spirit guide man somehow.

-I still love Prison Break despite the dismal turn the dialouge has taken in places... I mean really... who says "You bet your sweet titties..." come on. Bellick seems to be getting more retarded as time goes on. Although I have to say I do enjoy that the brothers seem to have turned into a single entity XD They almost finish each others sentences. And I knew they were going to save Mahone, They acted tough about it but really... Mahone's got the sympathy of the Burro-field now, reguardless of the fact that he killed their dad 2 seasons ago, so he's untouchable XD

-Chuck was good, I forgot how much I missed that show. I <3 Casey

Thomas! Can you help me tune my acoustic guitar tonight? (I'll love you for-evah @.@)
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